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Why Choose OSH

Our Physicians
The physicians at the Oklahoma Surgical Hospital are board certified specialists who trained at some of the most well known residency and fellowship programs in the country. These physicians are from the largest specialty practices in the region and are members of independent practices and are not employees of the Oklahoma Surgical Hospital. Our hospital was founded by these physicians, and they play a major role in the administration of the hospital. The facility was designed by these physicians with their patients needs in mind. We are truly a unique facility in our community because of the dedication these physicians have to their patients and their involvement in the operation of our hospital.

Our Nurses
Nursing plays an enormous role in every patient’s hospital experience at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital. Our physicians realized the importance of nursing when they founded the hospital and have dedicated resources to insure our nurses function in a culture that is sensitive and respectful to your needs. Exceptional nursing care, centered on the individual needs of each patient, is the absolute standard at the Oklahoma Surgical Hospital.

Oklahoma Surgical Hospital is dedicated specifically to providing medical care to patients requiring surgical procedures. This specialization allows us to focus our clinical expertise and technical resources on specific procedures. By doing this, your physician and our surgical staff have developed a level of medical expertise that allows for more successful clinical outcomes. We are able to stay abreast of the most innovative techniques and obtain the latest in medical technology. Our nurses are trained to care specifically for surgical patients which greatly improves your recovery once you are discharged from the hospital.

Clinical Quality
The physicians who founded Oklahoma Surgical Hospital did so specifically to provide their patients the type of quality medical care they felt they deserved. Their involvement in the operation of the hospital ensures that decisions are made based on the impact to patient care. Our nurse to patient ratio of 1 to 5, along with the use of Hospitalists (internal medicine physicians available to handle non-surgical patient issues) and in-house 24 hour Respiratory Therapy services, provide a level of care our physicians feel every patient deserves. The result of these practices can be seen in our clinical outcomes. Our surgical site infection rate is well below the national average and our length of stay is one of the lowest in the region. Additionally, we are honored to be recognized by HealthGrades, a national hospital rating organization, for the seventh consecutive year for our outstanding clinical outcomes.

Personalized Service
At OSH you will find the personalized service you have been looking for in a hospital. We place a very high priority on exceeding our patients’ expectations and strive to make your visit as convenient and comfortable as possible. We realize that your hospital visit can be stressful and often challenging. Our staff is trained to treat you with dignity, kindness and respect. If you have a need, request, question, or problem, we will do everything we possibly can to assist you. 

We have also added a few extra amenities to make your visit a little more pleasant. Patients and guests receive free valet parking and are assisted by a Guest Services Representative throughout their stay. Patients staying overnight receive a complimentary bathrobe and order their meals from a restaurant-style menu. We also make sure your guests’ needs are attended to as well. Our computerized patient tracking system allows your guests to monitor your progress through your surgical procedure. Your guest may stay overnight and meals can be provided for a fee. All of these services are our way of providing you a little extra to make your hospital visit as comfortable as possible.

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Oklahoma Surgical Hospital