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Pre-Admission Testing

Questions you may have:

Why do I need a Pre-Admissions Testing appointment at the hospital?

This is a very important part of your surgical experience. At this visit, clinicians gather information about your medical/surgical history and provide information for your upcoming surgery and for your admission testing appointment.

What will happen at my Pre-Admission Testing appointment?
You will first meet with an Admissions coordinator, who will assemble your paperwork, ask you to complete a health history, and collect necessary signatures. You will need to provide a photo ID and an insurance card to be copied for your chart.
Next, you will visit with a nurse who will document your health history, record your medications, list your surgical history, check your weight and record your vital signs. The nurse will also give you instructions about how to prepare for your surgery. An anesthesiology Physician Assistant will assess your health status and talk to you about your anesthesia. Depending on your age, medications, health status, and your surgeon’s requirements, you may be asked to provide laboratory specimens for analysis, or have an EKG or X-rays.
You may eat and drink prior to our Pre-Admission testing visit.

What should I bring to this appointment?
1.) Bring:
A. ALL prescribed medications. They should be in their original prescription bottles, clearly labeled with dosage and
strength. Please bring a list of vitamins, supplements, and allergies to medications, food, latex, dust, pollen or other sources.
B. A list of previous surgeries.
C. Recent EKG or blood work. These could possibly help avoid repeating certain tests. EKG’s performed within six months, lab work
within two weeks to two months depending on your scheduled procedure and current medications.
D. Your ID card if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator implanted.
E. A copy of your Advance Directive, if applicable.
2.) Minor children need to be accompanied by a “custodial parent” or legal guardian. Proper guardianship documents need to be provided to prevent possible cancellation of scheduled procedure.
3.) Please note that this appointment could take up to two hours, depending on the complexity of your medical history. You may expedite the process by completing forms found on this web site. Click here to go to Patients Forms.
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