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Guide to Fall Prevention

Oklahoma Surgical Hospital puts your safety first. The National Patient Safety Goals set the guidelines for reducing patient falls nationwide. We proudly participate in this initiative.

There are many reasons why people can fall, such as age, history of falls, type of surgery, medications, mental status, lower extremity weakness and mobility issues.

Our goal is to create a safe environment for every patient by providing personalized care that improves outcomes and prevents patient falls or injuries.

OSH Fall Prevention Program
To ensure your safety, the hospital participates in the following practices:
• Assess all patients upon admission for fall risk factors
• Provide personalized care and assistance
• Provide hourly rounding on inpatient units
• Conduct environmental assessment of patient rooms
• Evaluate interventions
• Educate staff, patients and families on prevention measures

What can you do to help?
• Use your call light
• Always ask for assistance before getting up until your nurse advises you can get up on your own
• Keep personal items in easy reach (i.e. phone)
• Wear non-skid footwear
• Wear your eyeglasses or hearing aid
• Use a nightlight while in the hospital

Fall Prevention at Home
Falls can result in injuries, such as broken bones and cuts, and the need for hospital care. If you have had even a minor fall, you should tell your doctor.

There are several factors that may add to your risk of falling:
• Poor vision or hearing
• History of falls
• Use of mobility aids
• Being over 65 years of age
• Effects of medication

How can you reduce your risk of falling at home?
• Use soft white light bulbs and a nightlight
• Clear hallways, stairs and other pathways
• Use handrails and wear non-skid footwear
• Remove throw rugs
• Wipe up spills
• Use a raised toilet seat and safety frame
• Consider a hand-held shower head, shower chair and handrails
• Store items used often at waist level
• Keep telephone within easy reach
• Contact your primary care physician if you feel dizzy, or weak

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