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Preparing For Surgery

Your Pre-Admission Testing Visit

During your Pre-Admission Testing visit you may:
• Talk with the Admissions Coordinator.
• Receive patient education materials.
• Visit with a nurse for diagnostic testing such as having your blood drawn and an EKG.
• Obtain any other medical information that your physician has ordered.
• Meet with a physician or physician assistant for a personal medical history and anesthesia clearance.
• Receive soap to use with instructions to help prevent infection.

The information that you provide during this visit will ensure that you are properly registered in our system and
will allow us to provide you the services and amenities you require the day of your surgery. Please bring your driver’s license, insurance card and a method of payment.

For questions regarding Pre-Admission Testing, please call (918) 477-5073.

Plan For Your Recovery At Home

If you will be facing a recovery period – even a short one – you may find it helpful to:
• Have your house ready for your arrival back home – clean, do laundry and put clothes away.
• Prepare and freeze healthy meals before your surgery.
• Put commonly used objects, such as towels, within easy reach.
• Ask a loved one to stay with you after surgery if you live alone. (If you care for a loved one, arrange for someone to take over for you while you recover.)
• Arrange for someone to take care of your pets
• Post emergency numbers by each phone. Keep a phone within reach.
• Make sure your home is well lit and free of tripping hazards, such as throw rugs. Install night lights, handrails and other safety devices, as needed.
• Arrange to have someone get your mail.
• Ask your health care provider what supplies you will need for incision care and where you can get them.
• Examine your bathroom to determine what devices you might need after surgery, such as a shower chair.

Arrange For A Ride

You cannot drive yourself home after surgery. Arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home and make plans to have someone drive you to follow-up appointments, if necessary.

Advance Directives

There are several documents that you may want to consider completing before your hospital stay. These are Advance Directives and they describe how you want to be treated medically should you become unconscious or too ill to communicate. They include the following:

Health Care Proxy – This allows you to authorize another person to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so.

Living Will – This allows you to outline specific information about procedures you would like or not like to be performed if or when you become terminally ill.

Organ Donation – This allows you to record your wishes when it comes to donating your organs once you are deceased.

Please bring a copy of your Advance Directives and DNR Order if you have them. If you need assistance with these documents, please advise your Admissions Representative. Laws concerning advance directives vary from state to state. You may wish to consult an attorney about your options.

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