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Our Hallmark Of CareWe believe the role our nurses play at OSH has been vital to our success. Our nurses are especially trained to deal with the medical needs of surgical patients. This is especially important when it comes to their expertise in dealing with the management of pain following surgery. Their experience dealing with patients who have had a particular procedure and the pain that may follow allows them anticipate the situation and regulate the pain through appropriate timing and levels of medication.

Our hallmark of care, however, is our low patient to nurse ratio. At OSH, one nurse and one nursing technician care for only five patients requiring an overnight stay. This number is significantly lower than hospitals across the nation. This allows our patients to receive the individualized care they deserve, while allowing our nurses to provide the care they were trained to give.

We firmly believe this model of care is responsible for our outstanding clinical outcomes. Our surgical site infection rate is significantly lower than the national average and our surgical length of stay is also significantly lower than hospitals in our community. Our outstanding nursing care is an important contributing factor in allowing us to achieve this level of excellence.

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Oklahoma Surgical Hospital