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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing Oklahoma Surgical Hospital. As our patient, we want to make certain your visit with us is as comfortable and convenient as possible - for both you and your guests. We have provided the following FAQ to answer many of the questions that you may have. However, please do not hesitate to contact Guest Services at (918) 271-2332 or the OSH Patient Care Line at (918) 477-5005, if you should have any additional questions. You can also email questions in the Contact Us section of the OSH web site.

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What type of paperwork do I need to prepare before my surgery?
What should I bring with me when I come to the hospital?
Are there any special instructions for the night before my surgery?
Where do I park when I arrive at the hospital?
Where do I go once I arrive at the hospital?
Where does my family wait while I am in surgery?
How long does outpatient surgery usually take?
Do I need to have someone stay with me if I am having outpatient surgery?
What type of anesthesia will I have?
Will I have effects from general anesthesia?
How long will I have to wait after outpatient surgery until I am discharged?
What do I do if I need a wheelchair, crutches, walker, etc.?
Will my insurance cover my entire bill?
Do you bill Medicare for my care?
Can I bring my laptop computer with me?
Will I have to share my hospital room with another patient?
When will I get my meals?
How do my friends and family members contact me while I am staying overnight at the hospital?
How will my guests find my hospital room?
Are guests allowed to stay overnight in the hospital?
What are normal visiting hours?
Who do I contact regarding questions about my bill?
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Oklahoma Surgical Hospital